Zach Emery

Texas Country Songwriter

Zach Emery is a country recording artist born and raised in Silver Lake, KS. From the day he was born he had music in his roots. His Dad was the band teacher in his home town and taught him the basis to structuring great music. Zach grew up playing trumpet however later picked up a guitar in College. He graduated from The University of Kansas in 2008 with degrees in both Liberal Arts and Economics. After college he eventually made his way down to Houston, TX where he has been playing music ever since throughout Texas. Zach released his first full album in 2016 titled "Kansas Is My Home' 

For his “Carolina” album, Zach teamed up with grammy award winner hit song writer Joe West based out of Nashville, TN.  He wrote and helped produce every song on this album just as he did for his first release “Kansas Is My Home.” Zach is looking forward to playing the new songs live and meeting you at his next show!

Carolina Out Now!

Check out Zach's latest release!

Making of Carolina

Follow Zach into the studio in Franklin, TN to see how "Carolina" came together. After a weekend of guitars and gunfire, watch as our documentary crew captures every moment of musical magic.

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